Current B2B Customers

Shift 2 is a manufacturer and wholesaler - we only deal business-to-business. Shift 2 do not sell directly to the public. If you are a private customer and would like to have a rope-end terminated with one of our fully-tested, PPE-Grade, terminations you will have to talk with one of our B2B customers listed below. Business-to-business inquiries should be made direct with Anna at Shift 2.

Treetools New Zealand is a technical rope access and aerial arborist supplier, providing climbing, rigging, pruning and safety equipment nationwide.

The Shift 2 manufacturing facility is based at Treetools in East Tamaki, Auckland.

Thanks to our close proximity, the Treetools team can often arrange for terminations to be completed on old and new rope 'while you wait'.

Shift 2 label all rope tool terminations produced for Treetools with their house brand 'Whiptail' - now an established and well respected brand in aerial arboriculture.

Pondco Limited specialise in the construction of effluent ponds for dairy farms.

The Pondco Self Rescue System is a rope-based configuration installed in each pond to enable self-rescue should a lone worker accidentally topple in.

No matter what side of the pond you should fall into, there is always a safety rope close at hand.

All rope products used in the manufacture of the unique Pondco Self Rescue System are terminated with a PPE-grade rope-end from Shift 2.

A 'solo' ascent system for climbing masts - Aloft Alone enables every sailor to ascend and descend a mast unassisted safely, easily and efficiently using a method developed and traditionally used by professional rope-access technicians all over the world.

All Aloft Alone rope-ends are terminated with PPE-Grade stitch patterns from Shift 2 using UV and chemical resistant, bonded polyester yarns from the USA.

If you need to Lift It, Load It, Tension It, or Tie It Howard Material Handling Ltd (HMH) can help. And that’s what they have been doing for almost 30 years.

Levin Sawmakers, also known as Timbersaws specialize in the manufacture and supply of a full range of forestry pruning and planting tools, as well as arborist supplies.

Levin Sawmakers is based in the lower North Island, but supply products throughout the country.

Tree Hub is a family business, owned by Mel and Scott Barker. Scott is an experienced arborist working in the Nelson region with lots of experience working with different gear and techniques. Mel is an experienced rock climber so has a good understanding of ropes and hardware and is learning quickly about the technical side of the tree industry, and it's gear. We have carefully selected the gear for Tree Hub to sell to include tried and tested gear as well as exciting new innovative products.