New B2B Customers

If you are a brand owner, producing rope-based products requiring a sewn or spliced termination give us a call, an email, or use the 'contact-us' tab on this website.

There are multiple ways Shift 2 can help in the specification and production of rope-end terminations for your company. Your requirements can be worked through once contact has been made.

In General, the brand owner supplies ropes and/or any hardware necessary and Shift 2 turns the components into 'finished goods'.

Each rope tool manufactured by Shift 2 is labeled with the rope type, length and diameter, date of manufacture, and the brand owners logo. 

Alternatively Shift 2 can organize the sourcing of cordage, ropes and hardware to your requirements.

Brand owners will initially need to supply the logo, and Shift 2 will produce the label for each of your products. All products thereafter will automatically have that label on them. Some brand owners choose to use a 'house brand', and some their companies logo and phone number.

Shift 2 has an open door policy when it comes to the testing - all break-test sheets and reports are available for viewing, and we encourage new B2B customers to get new ropes or cordage break-tested before production commences.

Download the Shift 2 Application for Credit here