Specifications for sewn terminations

Shift 2 stitched rope-end terminations are completed using CNC controlled, heavy-duty commercial sewing machines consistently delivering pre-tested stitch patterns. To achieve the strength needed for PPE rope terminations the final stitch is produced by applying multiple layers of yarn. Below is an example of the 12mm 3-layer stitch pattern. The first layer starts in the middle and only connects the outer sheath, the second pass is a little wider encompassing sheath and core, and on the last pass the full width is captured, generally up to half the rope diameter for maximum strength.

Technical specifications and requirements for each rope product vary greatly. The images above are a guideline only. If you have any special requirements Shift 2 are happy to work with you to create the perfect stitch pattern for your needs.

Shift 2 CNC Stitch Patterns

Shift 2 CNC stitch patterns were specifically designed in the USA to match rope diameter and construction. All Shift 2 patterns have been tested internationally as well as here in New Zealand by certified testing facilities (see Downloads for Shift 2 break-test results).

All CNC stitch patterns offered by Shift 2 function consistently on the termination of 3-strand, 12-strand, 16-strand, kernmantle and doublebraid ropes 8mm through to 16mm in diameter; there are occasions where Shift 2 can stitch 6mm rope but this depends on the properties of the cordage. 

Hardware such as thimbles, captive-eye carabiners, rings, swivels and other equipment can also be added when the sewn termination is produced - see Gallery for examples.

All Shift 2 sewn rope-end terminations are finished with a clear 'heat-shrink' to protect the stitch. Shift 2 'heat-shrink' was specially developed with internal adhesive compatible with cordage fibers and sewing yarn. Labeling is 'Tyvek' food grade for long life and can by custom printed and serialized to customer requirements.

The length of the stitch pattern is dependent on the diameter and construction of the rope. The ideal sewn termination produces a short stitch length yet retaining the maximum possible strength. Generally speaking the larger the rope diameter, the longer the stitch pattern. However, there are numerous stitch patterns Shift 2 can apply to any given rope producing the optimal result for customer requirements.

The board above depicts a short stitch pattern on the 8-10mm rope (far right). A short stitch pattern is perfect for the production of eye-to-eye friction cords commonly used by aerial arborists because it maximizes the usable rope between each termination. The three layers of yarn produces a sewn rope termination strong enough for PPE purposes.

Shift 2 Anefil Polyester Thread

All Shift 2 only use Anefil Polyester twisted, high-tenacity, multi-filament thread made in the USA. Anefil Polyester is exceptionally strong for its weight and offers superior UV resistance and seam durability when stitched into ropes likely to be used in adverse work environments.

Anefil Polyester thread is a twisted multi-filament construction with a bonded anti-wick finish to ensure exceptionally durable stitched seams. This type of thread also offers better ply security when severe force is applied to the sewn termination - this means, any break in the thread is contained rather than the entire stitch un-ravelling like a cheap garment.