About Us

Shift 2 is a dedicated rope-end termination Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) producing both stitched and spliced PPE-grade terminations for business-to-business customers

Using either the purpose built, CNC heavy-duty, commercial sewing machines or the art of splicing Shift2 manufacture rope-ends, to terminate ropes used in all sorts of applications and industries. Shift2 specialize in PPE grade rope-end terminations where life is potentially at risk.

Who we are

Anna Tregoweth is the owner and head technician and splicer at Shift 2. Anna commenced her career working with ropes at Treetools New Zealand, this country's premier arboriculture supplier, where she remains a partner today. The Shift 2 manufacturing facility is domiciled in the same location as Treetools in East Tamaki, Auckland.

Being in the same building as Treetools, you will often see and get information from Richard or Karen Tregoweth - who just so happen to be Anna's mum and dad. Richard has an extensive knowledge of all things rope related, and will be on hand to help out with any specialty questions.

Why did we start producing rope-end terminations

Whilst working at Treetools, Anna spotted a gap in the New Zealand technical rope access market for PPE grade rope-end, sewn terminations.

Stitched rope terminations have a long history elsewhere in the world but stitched 8 - 16mm rope-end variants were not commercially available for New Zealand rope tool manufacturers.

Any New Zealand company producing a rope-based product which required a sewn termination had to have them manufactured overseas. Apart from inefficiency and inconvenience, the importation of sewn rope terminations added unacceptable levels of cost to the product.

Anna established Shift 2 with the express aim of making it easier and cheaper for New Zealand companies to manufacture a rope-based product. Shift 2 started manufacturing Treetools rope-based products like friction cords and lanyards using local and imported lines and has since attracted many other customers requiring PPE grade, sewn rope-end terminations.

After working specifically with sewn terminations for a few years Anna decided it would be good to add splicing to the mix, as there is a specific need for both splicing and stitched products in the use of PPE-grade rope terminations. Anna was taught by a Yale certified splicer - who has been Yale certified for many years. She then went and gained her own Yale Certification. (This certification needs to be done yearly to maintain splicing safety).

“I've tied my last knot, they are a thing of the past. Stitching is the way to go.”

Nigel - Redwood Arborcare