Testing Information

Shift 2 specialize in the production of PPE-grade rope-end terminations.

Our stitched and spliced rope-ends must meet, and exceed, international standards set for the production of personal protection equipment.

Shift 2 contracts two independent testing facilities, one in Christchurch and one in Auckland, to ensure testing integrity.

Shift 2 also has its own testing bed to be able to give real time results as well as batch testing so you can be sure the quality remains consistent.

Eye-to-eye terminations and stitched loops are consistently tested at all facilities.

Shift 2 break-tests specify 12mm pins, to simulate the approximate size of a carabiner bar, the most common connection point used in PPE.

Hydraulic rams pull the rope apart until breaking point where the results are graphed for later inspection and analysis.

Since Chain and Rigging is an Auckland-based company, we can head down to their testing facility to watch the break-tests in progress.

Below is a video of a break test of a sewn termination- if you listen carefully you can hear the threads pinging one by one before the final break.