Sewn termination testing

All Shift 2 CNC stitch patterns, originally developed the USA, have been rigorously tested and verified by certified testing institutions in both Auckland and Christchurch.

The UV and chemical resistant bonded Anefil Polyester thread used to produce our stitch patterns is manufactured to exacting standards in the USA. In many cases the Shift 2 sewn termination is stronger than the rope itself.

The Shift 2 CNC driven, heavy-duty, commercial sewing machines have built in redundancy and will cease to function if incorrectly configured by the operator.

See downloads for more information on break-test results.

Splice Testing 

As with sewn terminations we test all our splice variations at both the Auckland and Christchurch testing facilities on a regular basis. 

On top of testing the splices ourselves, Shift 2's Splicer Anna Heuer has her Yale cordage splicing certificate for double braid splicing as well as the French Cousin Trestec double braid splice certification. This Yale certification needs to be re-done yearly through Yale Cordage in America.

Batch Testing 

As well as using the below break test providers for independent testing Shift 2 has its own test bed used for batch testing. This means that every time we are doing a run on a particular rope we pull one out at random to test it. This means that we are able to keep a close eye on our terminations to ensure quality remains consistent.


SAI Global provides organizations around the world with information services and solutions for managing risk, achieving compliance and driving business improvement.

SAI Global have a certified testing laboratory located in Christchurch, New Zealand. Shift 2 employ the SAI Global Christchurch laboratory to test all of our rope-end terminations. SAI Global provide a full report, detailing the break-test results of each rope type.

Chain and Rigging Supplies testing facilities are located in Onehunga, Auckland. As an independent Testing House they offer Shift 2 completely unbiased destruction testing. Chain and Rigging Supplies provide a easily understood, computer graphed 'Certificate' for each break-test showing exactly how and when the rope broke.