Shift 2 maintain an 'open door' policy when it comes to all things testing related.

All break-test sheets are available for public viewing. You can be confident all Shift 2 stitched products reach, and in many cases exceed, international standards.

If you are looking a Shift 2 sewn termination test result on a cord not listed below please give us a call and we'll arrange a break-test to your requirements and specification.

Download Testing Reports

Shift 2 provide in-depth break-test reports for all common cordage and rope types used for rope access in New Zealand, conducted by two independent testing facilities; Chain and Rigging in Auckland and SAI Global in Christchurch.

Samson Arbormaster:

Arbormaster: Report 1

Donaghy's Armor-Prus:

Armor-Prus 8mm: Test 1

Armor-Prus 8mm: Test 2

Armor-Prus 8mm: Report 1

Armor-Prus 10mm: Test 1

Armor-Prus 10mm: Test 2

Armor-Prus 10mm: Report 1

Samson Bail out:

Bail Out: Report 1

Yale Bee Line:

Bee Line 8mm: Test 1

Bee Line 8mm: Report 1

Bee Line 10mm: Test 1

Bee Line 10mm: Test 2

Bee Line 10mm: Report 1

Yale Blaze:

Blaze Report 1 

Yale Blue Tongue:

Blue Tongue: Report 1

Blue Tongue: Report 2

Donaghy's Brights:

Brights: Report 1

Edelrid Super Static:

Edelrid Super Static: Report 1

New England Escalator:

Escalator: Report 1 

Edelweiss Flashlight:

Flashlight: Test 1

Flashlight: Test 2

Teufelberger Globe 5000:

Globe 5000: Test 1

New England HRC:

HRC: Report 1

Beal Iceline:

Iceline: Test 1

Iceline: Test 2

Yale Kernmaster:

Kernmaster: Report 1

New England KMIII:

KMIII: Test 1

KMIII: Report 1

Teufelberger Ocean Polyester:

Ocean Poly 8mm: Report 1

Ocean Polyester 10mm: Test 1

Ocean Polyester 10mm: Test 2

Ocean Polyester 10mm: Report 1

Ocean Poly 8mm Loop: Test 1

Teufelberger Ocean Vectran:

Ocean Vectran 6mm: Test 1

Teufelberger Platinum:

Platinum: Report 1

Teufelberger Sirius:

Sirius 8mm: Report 1

Sirius 10mm: Report 1

Samson Stablebraid:

Stablebraid 12mm: Report 1

Stablebraid 14mm: Report 1

Stablebraid 16mm: Report 1

Donaghy's Spectra Speed:

Spectra speed 8mm: Report 1

Spectra Speed 10mm: Report 1

Sterling TriTech:

Stirling TriTech: Test 1

Sterling TriTech: Report 1

Teufelberger Tachyon:

Tachyon: Report 1

Tachyon: Report 2

Donaghy's Yachtmaster:

Yatchmaster: Report 1

    “Got a few of them now - super happy with quality of splice and stitch work”

    Dan Franks - Australia